Peter Grubb’s 2002 systematics for the red colobus monkeys Piliocolobus

[Grubb, P. 2002. Red colobus (subgenus Piliocolobus) systematics]

This manuscript was not published prior to Peter Grubb’s death in 2006, although large parts appear in Appendix 1.1 of Struhsaker (2010). Because this 2002 analysis is of scientific value, we wish to make it available to the public. We have made a small number of edits to the manuscript, corrected a few minor errors, and added several footnotes, including post-2002 references.

This manuscript appears with the permission of Peter Grubb’s wife, Eileen McGrath.

Thomas M. Butynski, John F. Oates, Thomas T. Struhsaker, and Yvonne A. de Jong (December 2019).

Download Grubb (2002) here.

Recommended citation: Grubb, P. 2002. Red colobus (subgenus Piliocolobus) systematics. Unpublished draft report. Website: <www.wildsolutions.nl/grubb_2002>

See four obituaries for Peter Grubb at:  http://www.primate-sg.org/storage/PDF/PC23.grubb.obituary.pdf

If you wish to view Peter Grubb’s original 2002 manuscript, please contact Tom Butynski (tbutynski@aol.com) or Yvonne de Jong (yvonne@wildsolutions.nl).

Adult male Tana River red colobus (Piliocolobus rufomitratus) at Ndera Conservancy, lower Tana River, Kenya. Photograph by Yvonne de Jong and Tom Butynski.