The Mount Kenya Potto is a Subspecies of the Eastern Potto Perodicticus ibeanus

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Thomas M. Butynski & Yvonne A. de Jong
Primate Conservation: 31

Abstract: The Mount Kenya potto is currently considered a subspecies of the western potto (i.e., Perodicticus potto stockleyi). We argue that the Mount Kenya potto is a subspecies of the eastern potto (i.e., Perodicticus ibeanus stockleyi). This subspecies has not been observed alive for 79 years, and is assessed on the 2017 Red List as Critically Endangered (Possibly Extinct). We indicate priority field sites in which to search for P. i. stockleyi.

Figure 1. Geographic range of the three species of Perodicticus, type locality for the Mount Kenya potto Perodicticus ibeanus stockleyi, and location of Muguga. Based on Butynski and De Jong (2007), Oates (2011), De Jong et al. (2017), Svensson and Pimley (2017), and Svensson et al. (2017).

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