Mount Kilimanjaro Guereza: a New Subspecies of Primate for Kenya

By  Tom Butynski & Yvonne de Jong
Posted on Lolldaiga.com on February 9, 2015

Africa harbours a great diversity of primates, most of which are endemic to the continent. Of the 25 genera and 93 species of primate in Africa, Kenya has 12 genera, 19 species and 24 subspecies, and Tanzania has 14 genera, 27 species and 28 subspecies. Although primates are one of the best studied taxonomic groups in East Africa, their biogeography, abundance, and conservation status remains poorly understood.  

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Finding a New Monkey for East Africa

By Yvonne de Jong & Tom Butynski
Posted on the National Geographic Explorers Journal on February 5, 2015

Knowing which animals live where is critical to planning effective conservation. To help set up good programs in Uganda, we set out to confirm whether one particular subspecies of monkey, the Dodinga Hills guereza, was calling this country home. Here’s what we found.

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